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Important COVID-19 Event Update! Please Read!

With everything going on in the world right now, one bright spot I’ve been clinging to is the optimism that I would get to see all of you amazing women gathered together on May 30th to celebrate, get dirty on the trails, and party it up afterward! It crushes me to announce that, due to [...]

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Potential Trouble for SDRP and Future Off Road Pursuits Events!

I just received some potentially troubling news regarding the future of the San Dieguito River Park (SDRP) and how it will affect the 2015 and beyond San Diego 50 Mile & Marathon and the Lake Hodges Trail Fest. The city is considering removing SDRP from the budget and taking over land management of our beloved trails that have thrived under the [...]

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5 Trail Running Tips to Climb Hills Stronger

This is a guest post from our friend Endurance Guy. Be sure to check out his adventures at In January, I completed the “30 runs in 30 Days Challenge” while logging 33,281 feet of elevation gain. The following are 5 proprioceptive cues I used to keep me mindful whilst ascending on the trail: 1. [...]

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2013 #31in31 Running Challenge in Pictures

In an effort to get back on a good training schedule and finish out 2013 on a strong note, I decided to take on a 31 runs in 31 day challenge. The goal was to run a minimum of 30 mins every day for the month of December and I'm happy to say it was [...]

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December Running Challenge – 31 Runs in 31 Days

With the year wrapping up it's been WAY to easy to let training slip to the back burner with an increased focus on work, the holidays and the countless other distractions that life can bring at you. Having this in mind I needed a way to start 2014 on a strong note. So, to prep for an early season race and get back into some semblance of shape, I'll be taking on the 30 in 30 Running Challenge. Of course, with December having 31 days, who wants to stop short so I'm making it the 30 in 30+.

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Solve for X – Setting and Achieving Your Secret Goal

When you live with and are married to your coach a good number of conversations tend to be about training. Fortunately we both love endurance sports so it usually results in some good convo and almost always with me learning something or looking at something in a different way than before. Recently, the conversation has [...]

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John Muir Trail Attempt – Preview

Sometime last year, Dax asked me if I'd be interested in joining a small group for a thru-hike of the John Muir Trail. Despite not really knowing what I was getting into it didn't take long for me to jump at the chance. The John Muir Trail runs from it's northern terminus in Yosemite National [...]

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Guest Post: Nanny Goat 12 Hour Challenge

Ever wanted to run a 1 mile loop for 12 to 24 hours non-stop? Yea, sounds a little crazy even for someone who loves running long distances. Since I'm not quite up for that type of challenge just yet, our Off Road Pursuits Endurance Team member Carlyn stepped up to the plate and went out [...]

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Guest Post: “A Lovely Summer Weekend On Mt. San Jacinto”

At the end of August, four members of the Off Road Pursuits Endurance Team; Dax, Jess, Toby, and Paul, will be heading up to Yosemite to begin fast-packing the John Muir Trail. This 210 mile trail runs from Yosemite National Park to Mt. Whitney and the current plan is to complete the route in 7-9 days. Last weekend, three of us; Dax, Jess and Paul, went to the San Jacinto Wilderness for a training/simulation weekend along the PCT beginning from I-10 and heading South to Hwy 74. Things did not go as planned!

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