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The Zion Traverse in Media Form

This past weekend I joined up with a large and varied group of friends and friends-of-friends to take on the Zion Traverse. This 48ish mile run across Zion National Park was part of a weekend of trails, climbing, camping and general outdoor enthusiasm was the inaugural ZoomLoco Annual Field Trip held to honor and pay [...]

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San Diego Run to Help Boston

Recently I was contacted by a local runner that is originally from the Boston area. She's currently putting together what looks like it will be a great run to raise money for the Boston Bombing victim fund. The best part is even if you aren't able to run you can come to the finish at New English [...]

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Skinfit Vento Light Hooded Jacket Review

This is a review of one of Skinfit's newest pieces of gear. I really think it's a great addition and wanted to give everyone a look at it and a few thoughts. Below the video is my written out review in case you'd rather not stare at me for almost 5 minutes or the man [...]

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The Skyline Trail & Cactus to Clouds

This past Saturday I made my return to the Skyline Trail on Mount San Jacinto. This mountain and the small town of Idyllwild have quickly become one of my favorite places in Southern California over the past year. If you are unfamiliar with San Jacinto I highly recommend heading to Idyllwild for a short weekend [...]

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Running Through Pain

I wasn’t a runner growing up. I played soccer, a lot of soccer, and like many people who have only been exposed to running through team sports I hated it. Running was something you either had to get through as part of warmups or worse it was punishment for screwing up in practice or on [...]

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Santa Barbara Red Rock 50 Recap

During the four-hour ride home to San Diego after finishing the Santa Barbara Red Rock 50 this past weekend, Carrie joked with me “So, ya finished your first 50. But would any 50 do? Noooo, it had to be the hardest one you could find. What’s with you and always finding the hardest of these [...]

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San Diego 50 Mile and Trail Marathon

How did the SD50 &  Trail Marathon get started? Well I kept hearing requests and comments about how great it would be to have an early season, centrally located 50 Miler in San Diego. The other thing everyone was looking for was an all-inclusive Trail Marathon; so here they are. On January 19th, 2013 the first [...]

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2012 Lake Hodges Trail Fest Recap

Wow, what a day! This event has been something that I have had in my mind for a long time and spent the last 10+ months working towards making a reality. I am extremely excited for the way everything went, for how much better it can be in the future, and mostly for having added [...]

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Outdoor Outreach’s Reach the Peak Event Just Got Bigger!

As you may have guessed from past posts, emails, etc., I'm a huge fan of what Outdoor Outreach does for the youth of our community. I may have taken it for granted growing up in a rural environment surrounded by woods, ponds, and wildlife but now that I am older I cherish that experience and [...]

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