2021 Event Cancelled

JANUARY 16, 2021

The San Diego 50 & Trail Marathon is made possible with cooperation and support from the San Dieguito River Park.

January 16, 2021



Registration for the San Diego 50 Mile & Trail Marathon is now open! The field is limited to 300 total runners between both distances, so be sure to sign up early as we will sell out!


$100 June 1 – July 31
$125 August 1 – October 31
$150 November 1 – January 15


$80 June 1 – July 31
$100 August 1 – October 31
$120 November 1 – January 15

Refunds and Transfers:

Partial refunds of 50% will be returned to registrants who notify race director prior to October 31st that they are dropping from the race. After this date refunds will not be allowed. I know all too well that injuries are a part of long distance running events, unfortunately because of the costs associated with putting on the race, full refunds and last minute cancellations can’t be accommodated. Thank you for your understanding.



Start/Finish: San Pasqual Valley Trailhead

San Dieguito River Park
18195 Bandy Canyon Road
Escondido, CA 92025

Turn on to Bandy Canyon Rd from San Pasqual Valley Rd/Hwy 78 and make an IMMEDIATE Right turn in to the parking lot.

Early starters must announce their intentions to start early to the Race Director via email prior to race day. Please email [email protected].

Participants opting for the early start will not be eligible for overall or age group awards and will have their results posted separately.

Be sure to check the Aid Station Opening Times and be prepared to carry enough nutrition and hydration in the event you pass the first few aid stations before they open.

Participants wishing to use the SD50 as a qualifier for a future 100 mile event MUST start at the 6:30am time and finish under the 13 hour cutoff.


All runners are required to carry a minimum amount of hydration with them throughout the event. Marathon participants must have no less than a hydration belt (10 oz). 50 Mile participants must carry at least a 20 oz Hand Bottle throughout the event. These can be substituted with various belts, packs, bottles that best fit your running needs, but all participants must carry their own fluid container. This not only helps ensure your safety and performance on the course, but also helps us cut down on waste and keep the event as green as possible.

Aid stations will be well stocked with water, Tailwind Nutrition drink, Honey Stinger gels, snacks and salt tabs. However, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you carry your own salt and gels; use the aid stations to supplement as needed. Again, this is to best ensure your safety and performance on the course and cut down on waste.


This event is held with the cooperation of the San Dieguito River Park. These trails are fantastic multi-use trails meant for the enjoyment of the entire San Diego community.

DO NOT trash the trails. Anything you carry with you from the start can be carried to an aid station. Anything picked up from an aid station can be left there or carried to the next. Anyone seen littering the trails will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified, will not receive an official finish result, and will be banned from all future Off Road Pursuits events. If you see someone drop something, let them know so they can go back and pick it up. If they do not, please alert the next Aid Station. There isn’t much I take seriously in life, but the care and preservation of our trails is one of them. Pack it in, pack it out!


Drop Bags are allowed and will be available at the Del Dios Park Aid Stations: Mile 15 & Mile 29. This is a double pass aid station. Only 1 drop bag is needed and allowed per runner.

Drop bags must be soft sided and may be no larger than a large shoe box (12″x18″x12″). This will be strictly enforced. Bags must be clearly labeled with the runner’s LAST NAME and BIB # and must be at the race start no later than 6AM. Drop bags will not be returned to the Start area until after the Mile 29 Aid Station (Del Dios Park) closes. Bags must be claimed at the Finish; any bag not claimed by the completion of the event will be discarded and all useable items will be donated. Bags will NOT be held beyond race day.


If you are starting in the early wave for the 50 Mile, you will need a light source for the start. This can be a headlamp, waistlight, handheld, or whatever you are comfortable and will provide sufficient light on the trail.

If you will be running after 5PM, you MUST have a light source to be allowed to continue. Aid Station volunteers will not allow you to continue running without a light source after 5PM. If you do not carry a headlamp from the start, be sure to have one in your drop bag at the Del Dios Park Aid Station.


Any drops that happen during the race must be immediately reported to the aid station captain. Upon dropping out, please turn your bib in to the aid station.

Anyone dropping out without notifying the aid station will be disqualified and banned from future Off Road Pursuits events. This action can result in costly search and rescue efforts and is taken seriously. Please don’t make your volunteers spend all night searching for you when you are home on the couch!


There is a 13 hour time limit for the 50 mile event with intermediary cutoffs at aid stations. The 50 mile early start will give runners an extra hour (14 hours) to complete the course. The Marathon has no limit, you just have to beat the 50 milers. There is no early start for the Marathon.


Pacers are NOT allowed on the course at any time. No non-volunteer outside assistance is allowed except within the approved “Crew Access” Aid Stations. Anyone receiving outside assistance away from these areas or accompanied by a pacer on course will be disqualified. You are more than welcome to run the entire race with someone else that is a registered participant, however, outside pacing assistance will not be allowed.


The San Diego 50 and Trail Marathon will be held rain or shine. In case severe weather, the event will be held per the Head Park Ranger’s discretion.

Click below links for weather forecast:

Start/Finish Area Weather
50 Mile Turnaround Weather
Marathon Turnaround Weather


Packet pick up is held at JustRun Del Sur during the week leading up to the event.

Pre-Race Packet Pickup Hours
Saturday, Jan 9: 10am – 6pm
Sunday, Jan 10: 10am – 5pm
Monday, Jan 11: 11am – 7pm
Tuesday, Jan 12: 11am – 7pm
Wednesday, Jan 13: 11am – 7pm
Thursday, Jan 14: 11am – 7pm
Friday, Jan 15: 11am – 7pm

JustRun Del Sur is located at:
17135 Camino Del Sur
San Diego, CA 92127

Race Morning Packet Pick Up:
If you are unable to pick up your packet prior to race day, packets will be available on race morning prior to the race start. (see schedule below)



5:00am – Early Start Mandatory Check In* & Packet Pickup
5:30am – 50 Mile Early Start
5:30am – 6:15am – 50 Mile Mandatory Check In* & Packet Pickup
6:30am – 50 Mile Start**


6:30am – 7:15am – Marathon Mandatory Check In* & Packet Pickup
7:30am – Marathon Start

*Mandatory Check In:

Even if you picked up your packet prior to race day, it is MANDATORY that you check in prior to starting the event. This will allow us to know who is out on the course and helps ensure your safety. Anyone that starts the race without checking in first will be disqualified.

**50 Mile Time Cutoff:

There is a 13 hour time limit for 50 Mile runners (starting at the standard time). ALL runners must be off the course by 7:30pm.


The San Diego 50 Mile & Trail Marathon course will feature the beautiful trails of the San Dieguito River Park. The course is a mix of double track, single track, fire road and a very small amount of paved running.

Aid Stations are located approximately every 4-7 miles. 50 Mile aid stations are fully stocked with water, Tailwind Nutrition drink, Honey Stinger gels, fruit, and snacks. Marathon aid stations 1, 2, 4 and 5 will be fully stocked with your 3rd aid station being a water only stop.

How to use the interactive course map features:

  • Click on map to access full feature course map page
    • Click the clock icon in the upper right to estimate your finish time
    • Click the “Terrain Map” dropdown to select your preferred map type
    • Click the speedometer icon in the lower left next to the play button to adjust playback speed

Approx Elevation Gain: +3,900′
Approx Elevation Loss: -3,900′
Approx Elevation Change: 7,800′

Click on Elevation Profile Image for more detailed analysis

*Course subject to change based upon final approval by San Dieguito River Park

Aid Station Mileages are Approximate

Aid Station Approx Mileage Crew/Drop Bag? Open/Cutoff
Raptor Ridge 1 5.75 No/No Opens at 6:30am
Sunset Drive 1 10 Yes/No Opens at 7:30am
Del Dios Park 1 15 Yes/Yes Opens at 8:00am
Bing Crosby 1 20 Yes/No Opens at 8:30am
Bing Crosby 2 24 Yes/No Closes at 12:30pm
Del Dios Park 2 29 Yes/Yes Closes at 1:50pm
(7hrs 20mins)
Piedras Pintadas 36.25 No/No Closes at 3:45pm
(9hrs 15 mins)
Sunset Drive 2 40 Yes/No Closes at 4:45pm
(10hrs 15mins)
Raptor Ridge 2 44.5 No/No Closes at 5:50pm
(11hrs 20mins)
Finish 50.5 Yes/Yes Closes at 7:30pm

How to use the interactive course map features:

  • Click on map to access full feature course map page
    • Click the clock icon in the upper right to estimate your finish time
    • Click the “Terrain Map” dropdown to select your preferred map type
    • Click the speedometer icon in the lower left next to the play button to adjust playback speed

Approx Elevation Gain: +1,953′
Approx Elevation Loss: -1,935′
Approx Elevation Change: 3,870′

Click on Elevation Profile Image for more detailed analysis

There is no time cutoff specifically for the marathon. You must be able to finish the race faster than the final 50 miler. If you are hiking the entire marathon or plan to be well behind the other runners, please let us know. When you reach it, the turnaround aid station may be unmanned.

Aid Station Approx Mileage AS Type Crew?
Raptor Ridge 1 5.75 Fully Stocked No
Sunset Drive 1 10 Fully Stocked Yes
Turnaround 13.1 Water Only No
Sunset Drive 2 16.2 Fully Stocked Yes
Raptor Ridge 2 20.75 Fully Stocked No
Finish 26.2 Fully Stocked Yes


All participants will receive a long sleeve technical running shirt and finishers will receive unique medals. Awards will be presented for the following categories in both the 50 Mile & Trail Marathon distances:

Overall Male 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Overall Female 1st, 2nd, 3rd

First Place Male and Female in the following Age Groups:
19 and Under
20 – 29
30 – 39
40 – 49
50 – 59
60 – 69
70 and Above
*Note: The Top-3 Overall winners will be pulled out of the Age Groups for distribution of awards.


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