The Zion Traverse in Media Form

The Zion Traverse in Media Form

This past weekend I joined up with a large and varied group of friends and friends-of-friends to take on the Zion Traverse. This 48ish mile run across Zion National Park was part of a weekend of trails, climbing, camping and general outdoor enthusiasm was the inaugural ZoomLoco Annual Field Trip held to honor and pay tribute to the lives of a couple good friends that passed away last year on a mountaineering expedition. Ben and Gil were two of the most incredible athletes and inspiring people we have ever met and this was about as appropriate of a way to show our love for them as anything I could think of. From experienced Ultrarunners to those never having run more than a half marathon, the group assembled from across the country and joined together for an epic day on what I can only describe as a trail runner’s heaven.

Words truly can’t do justice to this park and the route so instead I’ve decided to post a few pictures I snapped as well as link to some photo albums and videos from others that were out on the trail with us. I hope you enjoy and if you ever have a chance to run or hike this route, don’t pass it up!

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